Analytics Module


The Data You Need to Make Informed Business Decisions

Mobility Analytics

Without knowing the true state of your mobile deployment, it’s impossible to make the kinds of intelligent decisions that will help your business run more securely and efficiently.


Monitor and Control

With the Analytics Module, you can monitor:

  • Application use
  • Data consumption
  • Connection gaps
  • Individual device status and much more

The Analytics Module provides you with the necessary deep knowledge, so you can make smart decisions when it comes to your mobile deployment. It gives you the ability to detect and understand broad systemic issues as well as individual faults, so that you can optimize your mobile deployment to make it effective, efficient and productive.

Features for Business Insight

With Analytics, you get the insight and data you need to make informed decisions about your mobile deployment.

NetMotion Mobility® Analytics:

  • Access 24 reports designed to help you fine-tune your mobile deployment
  • Choose which notifications to get so you are alerted when your deployment needs attention
  • Look at broad usage over time to identify trends and whether devices and applications are being used as intended

Ideal Complement for Mobility Policy Management

The Analytics module works hand-in-hand with the Mobility Policy Management Module. Administrators can use the insight from the Analytics Module to find problems with device, application and network use that hamper productivity, push out corrective policies through the Policy Management Module, then use the Analytics Module to verify that results are as intended. This provides a way to continuously improve the performance, cost-efficiency and productivity delivered by the mobile deployment. Learn more about the Policy Management Module.

Learn More

Read the Mobility Analytics Module product sheet for a more detailed account of the features and benefits of this valuable tool.

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