FirstNet Preparedness: What Public Safety Agencies Can Do Now 

Earlier this year, NetMotion began working with FirstNet modem vendors to integrate the early FirstNet-capable modems with NetMotion Diagnostics so that each jurisdiction, regardless of size, could evaluate their current wireless coverage and usage patterns and make informed recommendations to state and federal entities about their needs for the FirstNet rollout.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless November 30, 2015

Tough Conditions Require Tough Devices and Reliable Network Access 

The Panasonic® line of Toughbook laptops and Toughpad tablets have a well-earned reputation for being go-anywhere, do-anything mobile devices for demanding field operations and conditions. Recently, NetMotion and Panasonic extended a relationship to Toughbook and Toughpad buyers in North America that provides them with a NetMotion Mobility® and NetMotion Diagnostics® software bundle. Mobility and Diagnostics give mobile enterprise workers secure connectivity that’s as durable and reliable as their ruggedized Panasonic devices.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless October 6, 2015 Categories: Customer Case Studies Field Mobility

Putting the “help” in Help Desk: real-time data integration with NetMotion Diagnostics and Splunk 

These days, it’s the rare enterprise mobile workforce that employs a single type of mobile platform. Employees might use Android, iOS or Windows devices. They’re also frequently connecting over third party networks and using cloud-based applications that fall outside the control of the corporate IT department. With so many variables to consider, help desk teams often face significant challenges managing devices or determining the cause when users experience connectivity problems. What they need is a real time, comprehensive view of device and network status information.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless September 24, 2015 Categories: Company Field Mobility Mobile Device Management Mobility

Expanding Our Latin American Reach 

NetMotion announced two new partnerships in Mexico, an important market for enterprise mobility in Latin America.NetMotion Wireless recently announced two new distribution partnerships in Mexico, adding Mobizen and McDougall to our reseller family. The partnerships extend availability for both Mobility and Locality in one of Latin America’s fastest growing enterprise mobility markets.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless July 28, 2015 Categories: Company Uncategorized

Teaser: NetMotion Plans Its Own Apple Announcement 

Mobility for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.Apple and IBM announced a landmark partnership this week that has been touted as Apple’s entry into the enterprise. While the tie up with Big Blue will certainly give corporate IT departments something to think about, the truth is that – when it comes to devices at least – Apple already claimed the enterprise mobility crown.

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Enterprise Endpoint Management for Today and Tomorrow 

Modern enterprises must accept that employee-owned and corporate-sponsored mobile devices need access to corporate networks. With this truth, many begin searching for ways to effectively and securely manage workforce communications. Unfortunately, traditional endpoint management solutions using in-house firewalls are no longer a viable option.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless June 9, 2015 Categories: Enterprise Mobility Mobile Device Management Mobile Security Security

Policy Management: Granular Control of Wireless Networks 

Administering a mobile environment is challenging, involving issues above and beyond those encountered in a wired network. Little control or visibility of wireless networks can cause a number of issues. Devices, applications, and data networks that are misused accidentally or deliberately can trigger trouble tickets, waste bandwidth, and hamper workers from doing their jobs. To effectively manage these variables, an additional element of network control is needed.

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Posted by NetMotion Wireless April 10, 2015 Categories: Enterprise Mobility Mobility Policy Management