Connecting Field Workers at 4-County Electric

We’re always on the hunt for a good customer story, and a couple of months ago we tracked one down at 4-Country Electric Power Association. Located in Northeastern Mississippi, 4-County Electric is a not-for-profit electrical distribution co-op serving over 45,000 members. Supporting these members is a team of over 70 field linemen with laptops, who rely on cellular networks to submit electronic work orders. However, due to the rural nature of their environment, many linemen experience cellular dead zones which cause disconnects and thus, application crashes.  Realizing that continuing “business  as usual” was hindering productivity and heightening field worker frustration,  4-County’s IT Administrator, Harold Critcher, spoke to their neighbors at the state highway patrol for suggestions. Enter NetMotion Mobility.

NetMotion Mobility builds a secure and reliable mobile VPN tunnel that pauses – not disconnects – mobile applications as field workers roam, enabling productivity and creating a seamless end user experience. Rolling out Mobility to the field lineman immediately calmed the waters, “All they noticed was connections were there every time they logged on,” Critcher explained. “This quieted our help desk phones immediately.” With Mobility, spotty cell coverage is no longer an obstacle, enabling 4-County’s linemen to complete more maintenance items and jobs, and allowing them to focus on better serving their 45,000 members.  To learn more about 4-County Electric’s deployment and their future plans, download the case study.

Posted by NetMotion Wireless November 25, 2013 Categories: Customer Case Studies Field Mobility