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NetMotion Diagnostics is a powerful, location-aware solution that monitors, troubleshoots and diagnoses mobile worker connectivity. It equips your IT team with the tools they need to proactively manage, troubleshoot and optimize your mobile users’ experience. Run automated tests on mobile devices in response to help desk calls and incident reports. Help managers and administrators track and visualize performance and usage of the mobile devices, carrier networks, and coverage.

NetMotion Diagnostics automatically gathers located data from mobile tablets, phones and laptops running iOS, Android or Windows to pinpoint root causes of problems such as excessive latency, poor signal quality, unresponsive application servers, VPN connection issues, and dropped connections. The solution is available as a subscription cloud service or as on-premises software.

Core Capabilities

  • Mobile Diagnostics and Troubleshooting end-to-end mobile device connections with a battery of tests that interrogate the device and the network including customized tests to isolate faults with your company’s internal and cloud resources. Users can run a diagnostic tests with the click of a button, policies can automatically trigger tests when a device encounters adverse network conditions, and other programs can integrate with the agent to run tests programmatically.
  • Rich Reporting on information and trends for network coverage, technology and device mapping, adapter inventory, firmware, carriers and operating systems. Maps illustrate your mobile users’ experience over cellular networks. Re-trace a user's route to see where and when they experienced poor signal quality, slower network technologies or dropped connections. Track and evaluate GPS performance metrics to identify faulty GPS units.
  • Powerful Integrations allow you to export your geo-tagged data for integration with other 3rd party applications including ESRI. And you can feed diagnostic data on-the-fly to operational intelligence, SIEM (security, information and event management), BI (business intelligence), log analysis, and alerting tools like Splunk, Elasticsearch and Kiwi. We have even developed a free Splunk application to get you started exploring the diagnostic, location, coverage, application, and inventory data available from NetMotion Diagnostics.
  • Flexible Alerting using email (SMTP), text (SMS) messaging, and Syslog automatically keeps IT teams aware of connectivity warnings and failures, adapter usage and inactivity, system health and other key thresholds.

Key Benefits

  • One-click Troubleshooting - execute a battery of diagnostic tests with a button click. Users get a clear message on their device guiding them to the probable root cause. IT administrators and help desk personnel receive the diagnostic test details on a web-based console accessible from almost any location or device.
  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair - avoid trial-and-error and multiple phone calls. Get clear guidance in minutes or less to pinpoint probable causes of connectivity problems, whether it resides with a network adapter, a network connection, or an application server.
  • Shift from Reactive to Proactive - with ready alerts and access to notify you of actionable data from devices in the field, you can plan and anticipate rather than just react.
  • Control Costs and Utilization - with accurate reporting on data plan and device usage, it's easier to prevent expensive overages, eliminate over-provisioning and ensure your organization is making effective use of costly devices and carrier data plans.
  • Improved Supportability - by capturing network performance data (e.g., signal strength, latency, etc.) from your devices, you can learn which devices perform best in different work environments and locations.
  • Automation Diagnostics - when installed with NetMotion Mobility Policy module, you can automate diagnostics and alerting when conditions degrade. NetMotion Diagnostics can also integrate with other applications.

Flexible Deployment

NetMotion Diagnostics is designed for mobile deployments running any combination of iOS, Android and Windows devices. It is available as a subscription service (SaaS), or you can deploy the server software in your company’s physical or virtualized environment.

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