Industry Usage

The Many Uses of NetMotion Wireless

The technology behind NetMotion Wireless software works pretty much the same for every industry, but the ways in which different industries employ our technology to suit their needs takes on many forms.

Operate More Efficiently

With NetMotion Wireless, businesses eliminate waste from their mobile network, operating leaner, with a greater ROI. And IT managers in every industry gain visibility into public cellular networks and can manage and control deployed field devices as they connect to those networks.

See How We're Helping Your Industry

From Public Service to Utilities to Telecommunications - any industry with mobile field workers - NetMotion Wireless software helps you stay connected, manage your mobile devices, maintain security and control, improve the bottom line. Explore this section to see how we help in your industry and find relevant case studies, reports and more.

Learn More

Visit our “Case Studies” section to find a number of customer use cases for our software and to see how we can benefit your organization.

What Others are Saying

"Enterprises need a solution that not only meets their needs now, but will evolve with them. Mobility from NetMotion Wireless does just that."
— Enderle Group

"…superb features. Server and client deployment were a breeze, and the management interface was the best we tested."
— Network Computing

Even the most techno-phobic salesman can now use our systems with ease and confidence.”
— Andy Brennan, IT Manager, Optident Ltd.

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