Network Access Control Module

IT administrators who support highly mobile field forces need security solutions that protect their networks without impacting the productivity of the mobile professionals they serve. NetMotion Mobility Network Access Control (NAC) allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, and gives administrators greater control and flexibility over how and when to administer remediation policies.

Mobile NAC typically deploys in minutes without any need to reconfigure network infrastructure. A NAC wizard makes it easy to configure and enforce access security policies. Administrators can check compliance for required software including:

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Firewall
  • Operating system version
  • Windows™ Update status
  • Registry keys
  • and other applications

Flexibility and Control

Unlike automatic security policies that force users to perform time-consuming, non-critical software updates before allowing access, Mobile NAC integrates with Mobility's Policy Management Module, giving administrators flexibility and control over the response to a device that does not meet security guidelines.

Based on severity and even the speed of their connection, administrators may choose from simple warnings, to triggering customizable remediation policies that can limit application access, direct to specific websites, initiate software downloads, or even disconnecting or quarantining the device. When rules are updated, they are automatically pushed down to client devices, and devices are automatically re-scanned at regular intervals to ensure ongoing compliance.

Learn More

Read the "Mobility NAC Module" white paper for a more detailed account of the module's features and benefits.

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