The Tools to Stay Connected When it Counts

Nobody understands the need for mobile communications like public service and safety organizations. You’ve long been among the first to embrace mobile technologies—after all, better mobile communications can mean faster response time, saved lives and more efficient operations.

NetMotion Wireless takes mobile communications another giant leap forward, giving agencies the security they need while always keeping them connected to the systems that allow them to do their jobs.

How Public Service is Benefiting from NetMotion Wireless Software:

Law Enforcement:
Computer-aided dispatch; viewing maps and turn-by-turn directions; accessing Criminal Justice Information System data; running plates and more.

Emergency Medical Services:
Gathering clinical data in the field and transmitting it directly to the hospital.

Fire Departments:
Computer-aided dispatch; transmitting directions and incident descriptions; information on suppression systems, hydrant location and more.

Public Works:
Coordinating and scheduling crews and equipment; accessing maps, plans and schedules; updating work orders and inspection data from job sites.

Health, Safety and Environmental Inspection:
Updating reports and data records; filing violations and remediation plans; and eliminating repetitive data entry.

Child and Family Services:
Reporting on existing cases on-site; reducing paper notes and data input duplication.

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For more information on how NetMotion Wireless software is benefiting public services, download our white paper “Mobilizing Public Service.”

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San Diego County Dept of Animal Services uses NetMotion Mobility® to Better Serve the Community.

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